Friday, January 1, 2010

Emily - 2.8 miles

Good afternoon everyone! Emily here again. Today I started the New Year with a 2.8 mile run/walk. I ran most of the first mile (except for the really icy parts) and then had to walk the 2nd. Two reasons I had to walk: 1) it was SUPER icy in the neighborhood south of mine. I thought about calling their HOA and complaining that they didn't pave the paths very well. (okay, so I won't really call, but I thought about it!) 2) I was in a LOT of pain today during the second half. My calves were killing me, especially on a big downhill part. There is also a twist to my half of this project for the first 21 days, but you won't know about that until after it's over! (muahaha, I love leaving you in suspense!!)

Since Liesl posted pictures of her shoes, I thought I would do the same. I picked these up shortly before Christmas on a B1G1 1/2 sale at Famous Footwear. They are Avia running shoes. They weren't too expensive as I have a hard time justifying paying that much for a pair of shoes. They are comfy though, and I can definitely tell a difference from my old pair of shoes, which had holes in the toes and the soles were starting to fall off.

I plan on posting pics of these like Liesl every 100 miles I reach. My friends Sarah and Tanya were also talking about how we should start posting pictures of our toes once we start training for a half or full marathon. Something about our toenails turning black and falling off? Gross. We shall see!! Have a wonderful day everyone!