Friday, January 29, 2010

My Runner's Wish List

It's been a long time. Yikes! I've been sort of sick, so I dropped off the face of the earth. Yesterday I got to run for the first time in a week, and man, oh man, did that feel good! Can't wait to get out there again.

While I was sick, I started to compile my list of things I think would help me on my journey. First is the Road ID

Road ID, has a whole bunch of options, bracelets, anklets, shoes tags, some have urls that you can add all of your medical history to. It'd be nice to know that if something happened to me while I was running, someone would know who I am and who to contact if I can't tell them.

Next, the Nike+ SportBand

A bracelet that comes with a sensor that you put in your shoe, and then it keeps track of your pace, your mileage, etc. You plug the little port into your computer, and you can keep track of all your runs on line with Nike. Pretty sweet!

The only thing that I'm not sure about, is I'd really like to have some kind of heart rate monitor, calorie counter watch. But, if I'm going to have the Nike+ SportBand, and a Road ID, I'm going to be wearing ten extra pounds just in bracelets.
What do you think?


digitalnegatives said...

I have the sports band, and really like it. You are able to see how many calories you have burned if you enter your weight when you first hook it up to your computer. I wish it had a heart rate monitor and interval timer, so I have to wear a second watch on my other wrist for that. But being able to track your progress on the website is a REALLY big motivator.

Anonymous said...

I love my Road ID...I have the velcro one for my shoe...a watch is enough on the wrist!!! LOL!

DH has the sports is so-so!

Leah said...

I absolutely adore my bodybugg. Tells me how many calories I burn in a day, and I log how many I eat. As long as there's more out than in, I maintain or lose weight. :)