Friday, January 8, 2010

Today was a rough one.

Yesterday was a pre-planned recovery day for me. Yesterday, I was also diagnosed with a urinary tract infection.

I felt great this afternoon, so I thought I'd go down to the track by my house, and put in some miles. When I got there, there was a soccer team of probably high school aged boys on the field practicing. Call me vain, or whatever, but I'm just not the girl who runs the track while there is a whole team of boys (anyone really) there practicing. Remember, I've only been a runner since December 21st, so I'm just not there yet.
I hadn't really considered the implications of having a UTI and running... Oops... So, I stopped to use the restrooms at the park where the track was, and then hit the streets. About five minutes into the run, I have to go again. I see Taco Bell a few blocks over, and think, great, I'll just head over there, and use theirs. Call me vain again, but I saw a friend in the parking lot, and didn't really want to have to explain everything, so, I waved then ran right on by. So, I ended up stopping at a hotel a few blocks from Taco Bell. Ok, I think, now I'm ready to really hit it. I knew that I wanted four miles, but I had no plan because I was thinking I'd be running the track.
So, I just took the next road over to see where it lead...After making it over the hill in the picture, (thank you Google Maps) I realize, there are no sidewalks on this road, great. I spent most of the time on this road thinking I was probably going to get hit by a car, but I didn't. I made it home all in one piece and without having to knock on somebody's door to use the restroom... And, I actually ended up with 4.3 miles! Even so, not looking forward to another one of these kinds of runs for a long time!


Beth said...

Oooh, that was a tough one. First, I'm impressed that you are even considering track work when you're so new to running! Second, every runner has been in your situation - where nothing goes as planned. When I first started I would do a test run in the car to be sure there were sidewalks, gas stations, etc along the way. Nice job on getting your 4.3 in no matter what!