Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Runner's Best Friend

Emily here. Played it safe today and only ran 2 miles today instead of the normal 2.8+. I have a hernia I had repaired a year ago after my 2nd pregnancy and that area started to hurt today. A bit worried that it's a potential problem in the future but hopefully it won't be. I will worry less about it as my core gets stronger since the trainer told me the stronger the muscles are the less likely they are to tear, but as I strengthen my core I worry about it. (Kind of like when we were teenagers and told we couldn't have a job until we had a car, but had to have a job to get a car in the first place...) anyways... :)

I ran with a buddy today. Not one of my normal buddies, but hopefully will be a regular in the future. Here she is:

Sadie is my 4 year old sheltie my husband and I got when I was pregnant with our oldest. (she looks so pretty today because she just got groomed yesterday) If you know anything about shelties or other herding dogs, you know they have a TON of energy. Normally in the warmer weather we have to take her to the park almost every single day so she can run around and play frisbee for an hour or so. It makes the winters interesting at our house though. She just wants to play fetch all day long and whines because we don't take her to the park with the kiddos in the freezing cold. I had the bright idea today of taking her for my run to hopefully wear her out and calm her down for awhile. So far it seems to have worked okay. It was a pain getting her started though. We definitely don't work with her training enough to keep the "rules" intact and so every time we go for a walk or run we have to reteach her everything like "don't chase cars." She kept running right in front of me and I was scared to death I was going to trip over her and break one or both of us. But, after the first lap she calmed down and stayed with me. Still going to be a process that definitely needs refining but I hope it will help both of us stay motivated and moving. That's all for me today!

PS - I hate post-running pictures. No makeup, hair all sweaty, and just nasty. Oh well.


Ashley said...

awwww soo cute! I need to start running outside with my pup :] hope you get better soon!

Beth said...

Sadie :) What a cutie!