Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Pain

About a week and a half ago my thigh started to hurt. I figured it was just soreness from running more than I had been, or running on the treadmill, which, I was previously unaccustomed to. So, I started stretching more and better. That seemed to help for awhile, and then it didn't as much.

Last Sunday I took a day off to recover, and then I took Monday off too, hoping that would help it. Tuesday when I went back out, and as soon as I started to run it hurt again. So, Tuesday night, I went and got a foam roller and stretched it out on that. It felt so much better. Until I ran again on Wednesday. Thursday, I took off again. Friday, my first running step, it was like an explosion of pain. So, I just stopped, and walked home.

Usually I can only feel it when I'm running, or right after I've finished. What's weird is, I can't seem to pinpoint it. Sometimes I think it's my quad, sometimes my groin. Sometimes it radiates to my knee, sometimes up to my hip. It feels deep and sharp. If I sit on a counter of something with my legs dangling, it causes pretty intense pain. The other day, I sort of twisted on it to grab something, and I thought my leg was just going to break it hurt so bad. I've tried ice, heat, icy/hot, rest, elevation. I've been running on flat surfaces because someone told me that would help a quad injury. At this point I'm frustrated, I don't want to continue to run on it if it's going to get worse, but I don't want to take off for very long either. I feel like I get out of shape SO fast. Anyone out there dealt with anything like this before? Any tips or pointers? Should I go see a Dr?


Fitzsimmons Family said...

Dr. is up to you...

Keep foam rolling. Have you done any strap stretching?

What about an elliptical or bike to stay active?

Ashley said...

Uh oh, yea I say go see or Dr. Or maybe talk to a trainer at your gym about it, whenever I have a muscle pain my trainer usually knows exactly what it is! Hope you feel better soon!

Karla said...

I'd see a doctor just to make sure there isn't an injury that you could do some real and lasting damage with.

Beth said...

If you have sharp, shooting pain I would see a doc. If you have a dull ache (more soreness than pain), you probably just need a few days off.

Have you looked up IT Band injuries to see if that is a match?

Good luck - let us know how it goes.

Mindy said...

Hope it feels better soon!!