Monday, January 18, 2010

Not Me Monday Runner's Edition.

It's that time again:

This week I did not go for a run with out deodorant on because I didn't have any. That would be so gross, I'd have to throw away my shirt when I was done.

So, you know it wasn't me who went to Wal*mart right after the very same run without showering or changing first so that I could get some more deodorant. Eeeewwww, I would never do that!

It wasn't me who used a naughty word when trying to describe my frustration with the running route I had chosen. I would never use a naughty word, especially when I talk about running.


Karla said...

I love that you're keepin' it real. :D

Mindy said...

LOL!! That is great, I'm glad it wasn't you.