Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random Woohoos from Liesl

I got my rings back today! Woohoo!!! My finger has been feeling weirdly naked for the past couple of days! I never take my rings off for anything. So, to not have them for three days was really strange. I have a new plan for them too, in case I forget to take them off before I hit the treadmill. I'll take pictures and show you. I love my rings, can't pass up an opportunity to show them off!

I read a very motivational fact today. This, if nothing else, will keep me running... Runner's diets should be 80% carbs! That's right, ladies and gentlemen! You probably didn't hear it here first, but you heard it here. It's exciting, it's enthralling, it's the best thing that ever happened! I am a carboholic, rice, potatoes, bread... I'll take it all! I will run 1005 miles and a marathon to eat carbs! Woohoo! Oh, yeah, let's not forget pasta! :D

I ran on the treadmill tonight. Over 3.5 miles running/walking. And, I burned over 540 calories. Woohoo! I'm not really a calorie counter kind of girl, but still I think that's the small mocha with whole milk and whipped cream I drank today, at least I hope so!

What kind of woohoos have you had lately? Let's hear 'em.