Sunday, December 27, 2009

Not Me Monday Runner's Edition.

Ok, Liesl here. Let me tell you how this works. This was a fun blog idea started by mckmama. The idea of this blog is to confess things that you "didn't" do all week, but you really did, and you'd be totally embarrassed if anyone ever knew about it. Emily and I will start, hopefully, you'll get the idea. We won't tell you which one of us actually posted which confessions... Have fun guessing!

You heard if here first, but you know we didnt' do it!

- This week I did not leave my wedding rings on a treadmill. I'd been running on. Nope, I never ever take mine off, and if I do, they're locked in a safe at my house!

- And, you know that post with the shoe pictures? I did not have to upload and delete the pics 8 or 9 times while trying to figure out how to get them in the post where I wanted them. I got it right the first time!

- You know it's not me who likes to wear a headband and a ponytail. It doesn't make me feel more like a real athlete. What a nerd, whoever that is. And, if it is me, I have short hair so I have to wear it like that.

-It is most DEFINITELY not me who invited all 430 of my facebook friends to be a fan of this site (and our facebook site) so that all our friends can cheer us on. Someone must have hacked my account :)

-It couldn't have been me whose three-year-old runs around the house and then stops, lays face down on the floor for a few minutes, gets a drink, and then says "okay Mommy I'm done with my run too."

-It's not me that passed on the beautiful sweater (on clearance!) at American Eagle today to save money for running gear. That's just crazy!


Rob said...

I love "Not Me Mondays." You two are awesome.

Ms. G said...

The one with your three-year-old running is hysterical.... too cute!

Twila and Scott said...

My Friend and I are doing the same thing! We are wrapping up training for a half marathon in February and wanted something to keep us running.

Beth said...

Hey - so glad you stopped by my blog because now I get to read yours! 2010 miles in 2010 ... what a cool idea! Hope you gals have fun reaching your goals! I'll be reading :)

Any races planned?

2010 in 2010 said...

Emily is signed up for a Resolution Run 5k tomorrow, and then we'll both run the Bolder Boulder 10k on Memorial Day. We're looking for an end of year marathon too!
Thanks for checking us out, can't wait to hear about your upcoming races!