Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3.85 Miles... That Don't Count Yet :)

Good morning everyone! Emily here. I just finished my workout for the day. Definitely not quite up to where I will need to be to keep up with our program next year, but I'm definitely working on it. Today I walked/ran 3.85 miles around the lake in my hometown. (BTW, we are counting the miles we walk as well as run in this blog. You will see some alternative workouts here like cross training that include walking, but it's still part of the workouts so we will still count them :) I also did this same route on Sunday afternoon at a time of 58:38 and today I cut it down to 50:48!! Woohoo!! I pushed myself a lot harder this time to keep running. I have a playlist on my MP3 player and I just kept saying "go one more song... one more song...." I did have to stop and walk a couple of times but overall I am really proud of myself! And majorly sore.... :) Even though Thursday is Christmas Eve, I plan on doing some cross training with some sprints to get my times down even more so I can get a decent time on the New Year's Eve run. Here's hoping I won't be one giant sore muscle for Christmas!! Anyways, thanks for reading!