Sunday, December 27, 2009

Present #2

Aren't they pretty? I know that that's not the most important part of a running shoe (in fact, it shouldn't be a factor at all). But, still, it's pretty fun :)

These are my first pair of running shoes. I've been wearing cross trainers until now. So, I'm pretty excited to have some real running shoes. I did the best I could to pick a pair that fit. We don't have a running store here in Gallup, so, I'll have to make it to one before the marathon for sure!
The average life of a running shoe is 300-400 miles. So, looks like I'm looking at 3 pairs over the next year, crazy huh?

Here's the plan: I'm not going to wear these shoes until the first day we start counting miles... Then, since we'll be keeping track I figure it will be really easy to know how many miles I go in them. Then, evey 100, or so, miles, I'll take pictures and we'll see what they look like through all the wear and tear.

They're Women's Nike Compete. Thought I'd put it out there on this blog. Hopefully, they'll be the perfect pair right from the start. Then I know what to get the next time I need shoes.

What kind of shoes do you wear? Do you have a favorite brand? Have you ever been to a
running store and been fitted? I'dlove to know what you think!


Twila and Scott said...

Love your run 2010 in 2010! I have a similar story. Started running 5Ks this summer and am running my first half in February. Gonna do another in March and April.
Look forward to following you along the way.

I wear Sauconys right now but may switch to Brooks. I am going to have my foot fitted for the first time this week.

Pink Vegas Girl said...

ooo pretty shoes, that will be fun to see what they look like after so many miles, I have some nikes that I got from big 5, I like them but would love to get a better pair someday, Im sure I will when I get closer to doing more races.

Brandi Carroll said...

We have a wonderful shoe store here in central Illinois that checks your gait while you walk or jog barefoot to see what your feet are like. Then they show you the different brands that have that type of shoe. I run in Ascics Gel Keyano. Love them!! I also highly recommend Yankz! They are hard to find(ebay or amazon might still have them), but I won't run without them. They basically are elastic laces for your shoes that eliminate the need to tie/untie them! .....and for the record.....i don't consider myself a runner either. i should prob reconsider that if i'm going to take this seriously :)