Monday, December 21, 2009

A Bit From Emily

LOL Liesl you crack me up. Misery loves company, ha ha ha :) Well, I supposed I should introduce myself too :) I'm Emily. I'm a 25 year-old mom of two who for some crazy idea thought this thing up. Actually, though, Liesl was the one who got me started running. She messaged me asking me to do the Bolder Boulder with her this coming Memorial Day and pointed me in the direction of C25k. My sister started doing the program too, and the competitive side in me thought that I couldn't just let them do it and not join in too :) I never did fully complete the program since I had a couple weeks of being sick in there but I did run my first 5k race on Thanksgiving at our local Turkey Trot. It was the first time I had completely RUN that far without walking and I finished in 35:12. Honestly though, until Friday of last week though I had not run one single foot since then. I had all kinds of excuses, bad shoes (though they really WERE terrible), too busy, didn't want to take my kids, etc. etc. I figured out it just came down to I had gotten lazy again and I needed to get back in gear. What I realized though was that I needed a goal, something to strive for. That's where this challenge comes in. I figure this will push me hard enough and keep me accountable that maybe I will actually stick with it and finish something! It sure helps to know that I have Liesl to do this with too. It's like she said, misery loves company :) But seriously, I know that when I am running my 3rd mile of the day, tired and sore and thinking about stopping, that there is someone who I love 600 miles away that is doing the same thing and in the same boat as me and as we finish each step we can pat each other on the back (panting) and say "we did it!" So yes, I too will now describe myself as a runner. Holy crap.