Wednesday, February 3, 2010

January in Summary is a great resource to keep track of your exercise routine. I really like it because I can put in a map of where I just ran and it tells me how long it is, keeps track of my pace, and tells me how many calories I have burned (though it doesn't take into account all of those mini oreos I just ate....) :-D Here is the summary it gives me for the month of January:

I ran/walked a total of 39 miles, which is well under where I should probably be for the month to keep up with the 1000 mile goal for the year. But, I am very glad that I successfully worked out 4-5 times a week for the whole month! And that last run on the 30th? Yeah, that was the 8 mile run. Boo-yah! So, not quite where I wanted to be but definitely on the right track :) Here's to February being an even better month!


Jen said...

Be proud... very proud! 4-5 times a week... great job!

Anonymous said...

Great job!